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Pot v. Cannabis

Pot vs cannabis

Ive gotten some negative feedback from those in the cannabis community about the use of the term "pot" in the title of my documentary. Recently Dr Dustin Sulak gave a presentation and articulated something very important that we in the community need to remember.

The purpose of this film is to educate the uninitiated. In recent polls 60-70 percent of Americans support the legalization of marijuana. But what are they supporting? Most Americans believe medical marijuana is an alternative to opioid pain relievers and have no idea that cannabis is beneficial to so many different diseases. Pain management is just scratching the surface.

On the other hand 30-40 percent of Americans believe marijuana is a dangerous drug that should remain illegal. THAT is the target audience of this film. According to market research "Pot" is the most recognized term for cannabis on the planet. I want to educate that 40% on what cannabis is and what it can do.

Everyday as this information spreads farther more people understand what cannabis is and how its used and support for full legalization grows.

Please partner with me to continue to educate those who stand in the way of cannabis medicine.

Visit for more information about the project, or to support us with a donation, purchase a tshirt or preorder the Dvd. Together we can spread the good news about cannabis.


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