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The Weekly 420: Happy Danksgiving!

Happy Danksgiving! On the Weekly 420 we discuss stoners like The Panic Hour & Women Leaders in Cannabis giving back to the community helping families in need have Thanksgiving dinner. Read that story here.

North Dakota is the latest state to move closer to legalization. The Secretary of State approved a petition for a 2016 ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana. The petition needs to collect 13,500 signatures by July. If you are a North Dakota resident and want to support the initiative visit:

Alaska may be the first state to allow people to consume marijuana products in approved public spaces. The Alaska Marijuana Control Board is looking to amend the current law to let consumption take place in an area specially designated for cannabis. Read more.

We told you last week that DEA chief Chuck Rosenberg called medical marijuana a joke, now medical marijuana refugee Coltyn turner is asking Rosenberg "Am I a joke?" Coltyn moved to Colorado in 2014 when he was 15 years old. The Turners had exhausted all pharmaceutical options to treat Coltyn's Crohns disease. 20 months after beginning a cannabis treatment protocol Coltyn is in remission. Looks like the only joke is Chuck Rosenberg.

A petition has been started on that already has over 100,000 signers.

"The call for change at DEA is picking up steam, Calling medical marijuana a 'joke' runs counter to science showing that cannabis has medical value, and it is out of step with the vast majority of Americans, who polls show, overwhelmingly support enacting laws to protect patients from arrest." Said Tom Angell chairman of the Marijuana Majority who started the petition. Sign the petition here.

Earlier in the week, a number of bipartisan lawmakers, including Reps. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), and Sam Farr (D-Calif.), also called for Rosenberg's resignation over the comments.

In Kansas City Missouri, epilepsy patients are running into roadblocks in getting the medicine they so desperately need. Onerous regulations are keeping neurologists unable or unwilling to certify patients to use cannabis oil. Only 15 patients have been certified to use cannabis oil so far. Read More.

Long time activist Marc Emery, the so called "Prince of Pot," called the regulation that leads to these type of blockades "the new prohibition."

In a recent editorial published on Emery describes how regulations are used to limit which classes of society are permitted to use cannabis either recreationally or medicinally. You can be granted permission to use cannabis which has well documented medical and even nutritional benefits if you fit a certain criteria, while anyone can use alcohol and tabacco which are both scientifically proven to harm society. This is wildly hypocritical on the part of governments, even the ones that have "legalized." This editorial is a must read.

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