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Does Pot Cure Cancer?

We have all seen the youtube videos of people claiming to have cured cancer with marijuana, but is there any truth to it?

Danny Panzella brings you the film that the pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to see containing information vital to the health of you and your family.

The Average American understands that cancer patients smoke marijuana to ease the pain involved with cancer treatments as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. What they dont realize is that the U.S. government has had a patent on marijuana as a neuroprotectant as well as an anti inflammatory since 2003. The current research on the nutritional effects of cannabis is mind blowing. Doctors are finding out that cannabis is a vegetable! And that people who consume raw cannabis have experienced amazing healing benefits of the natural compounds found in the plant.


The cannabis plant contains cannabinoid molecules that work in natural harmony with our body's own endocannabinoid system.

Over half of all Americans believe that marijuana should be legal. According to most recent polls the numbers range from 52% to 60%. But only 10 states have fully legalized and just 32 states have legalized medical marijuana.


The Federal government still insists cannabis HAS no medical value even though the Health and Human Services dept has had a patent on medical cannabis since 2003. The Federal Government continues to raid and shut down legal medical marijuana dispensaries.

So what does the general public know about marijuana? Sure its fun to smoke, but is there more than meets the eye with this forbidden plant? Why is cannabis listed as a level 1 drug by the DEA when it does not compare to other level one drugs in terms of dangers?


While most Americans support legalizing cannabis whether it be for medical, recreational or both, are they really active on the issue? Are the majority of Americans calling their legislators to let them know they should be supporting legalization efforts? Are they donating money or spending time to promote legalization? If Cannabis holds secrets to curing or even more effectively and naturally TREATING cancer, then it is crucial that this research is allowed to continue and be expanded. Only 14 doctors in the country are permitted to study cannabis, meanwhile 1500 people die every day of cancer, how many of these lives could be saved by the use of cannabis? How could we improve the quality of these patients?

Its my belief that when people understand that cannabis is not just about palliative alternatives, its about a REAL chance to BEAT cancer and other diseases on a cellular level, its about avoiding harsh pharmaceutical drugs in favor of natures medicine, and its about everyday preventative health care they will be more willing to actively tip the scale and demand that governments at all levels should fully legalize marijuana.


Danny Panzella


Does Pot Cure Cancer?


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