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Inhaling California

The team recently returned from California where we spent some time with some amazing people in the cannabis medical community.

Our first stop was Los Angeles to attend a medical marijuana conference. This particular conference was disappointing as it seemed it was more focused on profitting from cannabis than it was in the science of cannabis, however we were able to meet up with Mara Gordon the founder of Aunt Zelda's who is developing a dosing protocol database to help patients figure out the does that works for them based on their illness.

Next stop was the head of Oncology at San Francisco General, UCSF Dr. Donald Abrams. Ever the skeptic Dr. Abrams gave us a unique perspective on cannabis highlighting its awesome utility as a medicine.

While in the Bay area we met up with Justin Kander, author of several books on cannabis and cancer, as well as head of research and development for Aunt Zelda's. Justin has dedicated the last decade of his life to diligently compiling research on the medicinal value of cannabis. We also go to spend more time with the fabulously intense Mara Gordon.

A bit farther north we were able to spend some time on a cannabis farm and learned how to make "solventless" cannabis oil. While on the grow we met a patient who is using cannabis oil to treat her epilepsy, since beginning her treatment just 3 months ago she brought her seizures down from 8 grand mals to less than one a week.

Our final destination was Mendocino County in northern California where we learned the value of eating cannabis from Dr. William Courtney and his wife Kristen Courtney who manages her lupus with raw cannabis.

Overall we had a mind blowing trip and learned so much. If you want to see the unedited raw footage, plus behind the scenes clips exclusive only to our Patreon subscribers.

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting the project! To learn more visit

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