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Danny Panzella



Born in NYC, 1977

1997-2001 Studied Cinema at City University of NY

Mr. Panzella is an entrepreneur, philosopher and activist. Danny studied film & video production and journalism at the City University of New York.


Danny was a successful real estate broker making a 6 figure income for many years until the housing crash of 2008 when he largely abandoned the business to focus on activism, including running for NYS office in 2010.


Over the years Danny has vlogged on police accountability and politics. He founded, Occupy The Fed and the Peaceful Streets Project NYC- a cop watch group dedicated to training people to know their rights when dealing with law enforcement.


He was a correspondent for libertarian Judge Andrew Napolitano's Freedom Watch on Fox News doing live hits from Occupy Wall Street. He is also appears periodically on Russia Today reporting on the TSA and NYPD.


His most recent passion project is a documentary on cannabis cancer research: Does Pot Cure Cancer? Following the death of his mother during chemo treatments for breast cancer, Danny began to look into alternative cancer treatments. While researching nutrition he stumbled on the treasure troves of research on cannabis as a cure for cancer. He then decided to make a film highlighting the scientific data regarding cannabis that the corporate media has largely ignored until very recently.


To find out more about the work of Mr. Panzella visit or

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